Aspen + Chase Jarvis Photoshoot Wrap Up: Helicopters, Bikes, and BTS Photos | Chase Jarvis Blog

Chase Jarvis make sit look really fun, doesn’t he?!

Aspen + Chase Jarvis Photoshoot Wrap Up: Helicopters, Bikes, and BTS Photos | Chase Jarvis Blog.

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Good evening to you.


Wow. Just wow. Nice sunset tonight.

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A Very Happy Holidays!

A very happy holidays to you and your loved ones.

All the best from us to you.

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Happy Accidents

Sometimes a mistake is as good as genius. This was really a case of lens flare, but when I was editing the files I realized that I really liked it. So I included it for the client, who also really liked it.

A little lens flare and viola!

Turns out pretty cool.

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Yay Kirk Tuck!

Kirk Tuck is cool. I own a few of his books, and I read his blog. From his Sunday post, a brilliant comment on how the internet really works:

“Finally, everyone over thirty who thinks they know dick about how things “really” work on the web is full of crap. Marketing on the web is a constantly moving target and all the metrics in the world will only tell you what worked yesterday, not what’s going to work tomorrow. Every site is different. Every demo absorbs the web in a different way. We use a proven method at VSL. It’s called, “Throw it at the wall and see if it sticks.” Our only metric is: “Did Kirk want to write this?” ”

The whole post is here. I like long posts, ’cause I like to read stuff that people who were thinking wrote. I hope he keeps writing according to the above metric!

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Cool Clouds

Big weather seems to be approaching. iPhone pics of clouds.




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Holiday cards, already?!

Get a great picture for the holidays!

Yup! It isn’t too early to plan your holiday card photo session.

You will want to leave plenty of time to get the cards ready for mailing, and you know you want a good picture to go on the card.

Sample holiday cards.

Get a great photo for your holiday cards.

 If you are looking for some great letterpress designs, check our friends at Bird Dog Press. They make some really awesome unique cards to celebrate the seasons and any special event.

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Is the whole extended family going to be in town?

If you have everyone in the same place at the same time?

 Are the relatives going to be visiting this fall? It is a perfect time to get a portrait done that includes everyone. With the great color on the trees we have some really great backdrops right now. Give me a call and we can plan around upcoming visits.

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Fall Color

Aspen leaves in Rocky Mountain Nation Park


A little bit of fall color for you. Peak of leaf season in the high country right now. If you have the change get out there!

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Why did the elk cross the road?

Who knows? But when he does, just stop the car and get out of the way!

Another fun afternoon in Rocky Mountain
National Park watching tourists interact with wildlife. Always exciting.


Do not...









Get in...


His way...






'Cause he ain't stopping.

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